Liverpool and Everton “vote” on controversial pay-per-view agreements


Matches not selected for regular TV coverage after this month’s international break have been made available on a pay-per-view basis via both Sky Sports’ and BT Sports’ ticketing services, with fans paying £14.95 to see their teams in action on the service.

Premier League clubs will decide on Tuesday whether or not to maintain their pay-per-view arrangements for the round of matches before the international break in November, according to a Mirror report.

Premier League clubs will vote on the current PPV system, with matches not currently available for regular transmission being charged £14.95.

Many fans have opposed paying the necessary fee to see their team at the box office and have chosen instead to donate their money to local food banks.

Fan groups, including the Football Supporters’ Association, have urged the Premier League and broadcasters to review their pricing structure, with many refusing to pay the fee.

Premier League clubs, as well as the clubs in the championships, League One and League Two, had hoped to be able to welcome fans back in some form from Saturday 1 October, but the government has again delayed the return of fans as the number of coronavirus cases has recently risen across the country.

Earlier this month, Richard Masters – the Premier League chief – said the price was “reasonable”, while BT Sport said it was only covering its costs for broadcasting these games.

However, all 20 Premier League clubs will be under pressure to rethink pricing. A decision is due to be taken on Tuesday on what broadcasting arrangements can be made for the top-level matches played between 6 and 8 November.

In a statement published by the EFL, it said: “Our members, who contribute almost £500 million a year to the state treasury, have had their main source of income, the sale of tickets, put on hold indefinitely without a timetable to allow fans to return safely to the stadiums, although other sectors are able to receive people through their doors.

The Premier League has warned that English football will lose £100 million as fans are told to stay away from the stadiums every month. The EFL confirmed over the weekend that the government’s attitude was “frustrating and confusing” as halls such as shopping malls, cinemas and even the London Palladium are currently open.

“They continue to meet their financial obligations, as other industries are not receiving similar levels of support.

“The inconsistency is frustrating and confusing”.


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