List of halls to be closed due to stricter Tier 3 regulations in Warrington


Warrington Borough Council has confirmed that places like cinemas and bowling alleys will have to be closed next week to contain the spread of the virus.

Warrington has been forced to close more indoor venues as Tier 3 measures become tougher to combat spiralling coronavirus rates in the city.

Cinemas and bowling alleys are among the venues to be closed.

In the last seven days there have been almost 900 confirmed positive cases.

But now, after talks with the central government, the local authority has stated that further closures are necessary to reduce the number of cases of Covid-19 in the city – reports Cheshire Live.

On Tuesday, pubs that do not serve food, casinos, betting shops, adult gaming centers and soft play centers were called to close.

Trunk sales, including those that take place outdoors, must also be completely closed.

The City Council has confirmed that on Monday, November 2, from 0.01 a.m. the following indoor facilities and venues must also close completely

The closure of these amusement venues, as well as trunk sales and the closure of pubs and bars that do not serve substantial meals as restaurants, means that Warrington’s restrictions go further than other areas currently classified in Tier 3.

There will also be additional measures for shisha bars and cafes, which will remain open in accordance with current rules, but with restrictions on the use of shisha pipes, which may not be shared.

The Council stated that the decision had been taken in light of the findings of SAGE, the government’s scientific advisory body, which indicate that comprehensive measures need to be taken in view of the extent of transmission of the virus, the continuing increase in cases and hospital admissions, and unfortunately also the number of deaths.

“Simply put, the fewer enclosed public spaces are left open, the lower the risk of transmission of the virus.

Council Chairman Russ Bowden said, “The fewer enclosed public places are left open, the lower the risk of the virus being transmitted: “This was a painful decision for our local businesses, but in the interest of the health of our weakest and oldest members, this is the right course of action for our city.

“We have studied the evidence available from national experts and the local data available to us and, given our current situation in Warrington, we must act now.

“Make no mistake – the current capacity of our hospital and the availability of intensive care beds is at an absolutely critical point.

“And with more than 40 coronavirus-related deaths this month, we cannot simply stand idly by, given the urgency of this escalating public health situation.

The Council President added that the local authority was working with affected companies and that they would receive financial support.


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