Leopard Drags 3-Month-Old Baby From Inside House, Finding Infant’s Half-Eaten Body


Leopard Drags 3-Month-Old Baby From Inside House, Finding Infant’s Half-Eaten Body

A day after a 3-month-old baby was taken away by a leopard in India, the dismembered bones of the youngster were discovered in a forest.

According to local media, the incident occurred on Thursday night in Gujarat. According to the media outlet The Times of India, the child’s mother was performing home duties while the infant boy was on a cot inside the residence, which had no door.

“It’s possible that the leopard entered the house to search for other animals kept within the residences in this region. The infant was on a cot near the animals’ holding area, and the leopard may have stolen it,” deputy conservator of forests R.M. Parmar was reported by the source as saying.

According to Gujarati ABP Live, when the mother noticed her kid was missing, she raised an alert, prompting family members and villagers to undertake a search for the infant. [According to Google Translate]

The next day, some individuals discovered the child’s clothes and remains in the forest. The event was later reported to the authorities.

No leopard assaults on humans have been reported in the area recently, according to Parmar, who added that a cage has been set up in the village to catch the animal. According to authorities, a goat was used as bait inside the cage.

According to a statewide census conducted five years ago, Gujarat has a total population of 1,395 leopards.

A half-eaten body of a 10-year-old kid was discovered in a jungle in the neighboring state of Madhya Pradesh last month after he was attacked and dragged away by a leopard.

When the incident occurred, the child had gone to pasture cattle in a woodland with his buddies. While the victim and his pals were strolling around, the leopard was said to be hiding in the bushes. After that, the animal jumped on the youngster and dragged him away. Locals arrived on the scene to help the boy, but the beast had already devoured a portion of him.


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