Lavrov: “International maritime law is the key to the solution”.


Athens and Moscow are opening a new chapter in their relations. According to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, the tensions between Greece and Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean could only be resolved with the International Law of the Sea.

After a long ice age, Greece and Russia want to develop their relations again. This was agreed by the foreign ministers of the two countries, Nikos Dendias and Sergei Lavrov, in Athens on Monday. “We are opening a new chapter in our relations,” Dendias told state television (ERT) on Monday.

In view of the recent tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean between Greece and Turkey over the definition of the Exclusive Economic Zones, Lavrov emphasized that problems of this kind can be solved while respecting the dictates of international law. “International maritime law is the key to the solution,” Lavrov said.

Relations between Athens and Moscow had reached a low point a good two years ago. At that time, Athens had expelled two Russian diplomats on charges of interfering in Greece’s internal affairs.



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