Lauterbach: Second lockdown unavoidable without massive contact restriction.


SPD health expert Lauterbach criticizes the current Corona measures. These are not sufficient. Without “more determined restriction” a second Lockdown is not to be avoided.

The SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach criticized the measures taken by the federal and state governments to contain the Corona pandemic as insufficient and warned of a significant increase in the number of deaths in December. “We will have to readjust our efforts,” he told the newspaper “Bild am Sonntag”. Without a more determined restriction of personal contacts, a second lockdown could not be avoided, he said.

“If we do not succeed in restricting personal contacts in the next two to three weeks, the figures will have risen so sharply in a few weeks that all we will have left is a second lockdown,” Lauterbach warned.

Lauterbach called for the possibility of working from home to be extended. The SPD politician also proposed a reduction in the number of school classes. “If we don’t want schools with regular school absences to become hotspots as well, the school classes should now be divided into morning and afternoon classes”.



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