Kyrsten Sinema (D-Arizona) Officiated at a wedding where the guests wore Native American garb.


Kyrsten Sinema (D-Arizona) Officiated at a wedding where the guests wore Native American garb.

Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) presided over a costumed wedding in Arizona on Saturday, with two guests dressed in Native American garb.

The wedding was held in Bisbee, and people arrived in costume, with one pair costumed as Native Americans with full headdresses and facial paint.

Outside, a small number of protesters gathered to voice their displeasure with Sinema’s opposition to the Build Back Better Act, a planned $3.5 trillion infrastructure and social spending bill.

Outside The Courtyard in downtown Bisbee, where the wedding was taking place, there were about 20 protesters.

According to The Arizona Daily Star, the wedding itinerary said that guests were welcome to wear costumes to the ceremony.

A protester who witnessed the people dressed as Native Americans told the newspaper that she was “shocked, dismayed, and disgusted” by the white people who “walked into the wedding party dressed in full Native American costume.”

Dressing up like a Native American is usually considered insulting by non-Native Americans.

“Senator Sinema conducted a personal friend’s wedding at which a small handful of activists protested throughout the private ceremony,” Sinema’s spokesperson Hannah Hurley said in an email to The Arizona Daily Star.

“While the Senator knows the bride and groom, she is unaware of and did not engage with the wedding guests who dressed in derogatory and racist costumes to the ceremony, and she strongly condemns such behavior,” according to the statement.

“As she has stated publicly, Senator Sinema is excited for the potential in the legislation to pass policies addressing our changing environment,” Hurley said in response to the protesters’ critique.

A portion of the demonstration was videotaped and uploaded to YouTube. It depicts two visitors, a man and a woman, costumed as Native Americans with headdresses.

In the video, a woman identified as the bride’s mother asks the protesters to move across the corner for an hour so the wedding may take place. The protesters reportedly clashed with the woman, but the group decided not to make any disturbance during the wedding.

As guests came at the wedding, they were given miniature American flags, and the ceremony began with the playing of the national anthem, which can be. This is a condensed version of the information.


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