Kim Tate of Emmerdale eventually meets the poisoning suspect, but it isn’t who fans expect.


Kim Tate of Emmerdale eventually meets the poisoning suspect, but it isn’t who fans expect.

Kim Tate has finally addressed the person who she believes poisoned her.

Kim, who is played by Claire King, confronted Will Taylor, who is played by Dean Andrews, after discovering he has a prescription for diazepam, the medicine that was used to poison her.

Emmerdale fans have been pointing fingers at Will for weeks, and she’s hoping to find out why in a showdown in the heart of the village.

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Kim informed him she needed to know why he was prescribed the prescription, recalling how she had confided in him in her darkest hour, when she suspected she was suffering from dementia.

Will reluctantly admits to taking diazepam for anxiety after being pressed for an answer.

“It’s for my nerves,” he explained. Since my release from prison, I’ve had anxiety.”

He also claimed that his anxiousness had “gone away,” but that he had struggled since breaking up with Harriet and had returned to taking medicine for his mental health.

Viewers, on the other hand, are skeptical and believe he is lying to cover his tracks.

“Will suffering from anxiety he’s plainly lying that’s really random,” tweeted @RyanGTweetsTV.

“Will is a lousy liar,” said @EnfieldGarry.

Others believe someone else is involved.

Jamie, who was played by Alexander Lincoln, was the one who informed Kim about Will’s prescription and subsequently urged her to report him to the authorities.

Kim never calls the cops, but she tells Jamie, “Will is the one… I can spot a liar a mile away…”

“No one bothers me and gets away with it, no matter how close they believe they are,” she added.

“I believe Jamie is poisoning Kim and is attempting to frame Will,” @teenamassam said. or maybe I’m just overthinking it.”

“Jamie is the poisoner!” tweeted @BalChats. You can count on it! Kim is well aware of the situation.


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