Katie Price’s family released a statement claiming that their “worst fears were almost realized.”


Katie Price’s family released a statement claiming that their “worst fears were almost realized.”

Katie Price’s family released a statement about the star’s mental health on her Instagram account.

They shared three photos, stating that their “worst nightmares were almost realized.”

They stated that they are “very concerned” about her and that, despite her public existence, many people believe she is “fair game.”

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“This message was written by Kate’s family,” the whole statement read. We have been concerned about Kate’s mental health and well-being as a family for some time.

“Today, our worst worries came close to becoming reality. As a family, we have been and will continue to assist Kate in obtaining the assistance she requires.


“We hope she realizes she can’t solve her problem on her alone. We respectfully request that the media and the general public allow Kate the time she requires to get the appropriate therapy, so that she may return to the Kate we know and love as a mother, daughter, and sister.

“We are deeply concerned and frightened about her; we realize she lives her life publicly and is fair game for many, but as a family, we hope she can find her way ahead discreetly during this tough time in her life.

“We’re not asking for sympathy; all we’re asking is for Kate’s illness to be acknowledged.

“We take great comfort in reading the messages of love and support for Kate that we will forward to her in the hopes that these encouraging words will encourage her to keep going.

“It takes a lot of courage to admit that you need treatment, and we hope Kate will now learn to accept herself and be content inside herself. It is not a personal failure to suffer from mental illness.

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Friends and followers have come to her aid, commenting on her Facebook post.

Nicola McClean, another former model, commented, “Sending love.” with a red heart emoji.

“Sending tons of love to you Kate,” Luisa Zissman added.


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