Just two months after the farmer’s shooting, a criminal is involved in another gun crime.


Just two months after the farmer’s shooting, a criminal is involved in another gun crime.

Just two months after being part of a gang that attacked an elderly farmer’s home and shot him twice, a remorseless thug had a bullet hole in his bedroom wall and two guns stashed under his mattress.

Craig Reynolds, who continued to operate in gun crime circles just weeks after the violent attack on Charles Baldwin, 65, in Aughton, was characterized by a judge as having “quite ridiculous nonchalance.”

The 36-year-old was one of at least four men who stormed into the West Lancashire property in July 2019, stealing belongings as the scared pig farmer was shot in the knee and ankle by “sadistic” gun-for-hire Alan Daniels, resulting in his foot being amputated this week.

After heart surgery, a man who was ‘delirious’ was discovered dead in a hospital washroom.

It has now been revealed that Reynolds was involved in a completely unrelated weapons incident in September of that year, seemingly unconcerned about the horrible violence he had witnessed just two months before.

Reynolds arrived to Kirkby ambulance station with a gunshot wound to his hand in the second case, which occurred under unusual circumstances.

He claimed he was convinced to go into a car to speak with a stranger, but moments later, an unknown rival climbed inside, equipped with a gun, and Reynolds was shot after a struggle.

Due to the irregular nature of his tale, police searched his Kirkby house, which revealed a quite different picture.

Blood was found on the door to his room, and two guns were discovered beneath the bed mattress.

The bedroom wall had a bullet hole in it.

Reynolds then changed his story, telling detectives that he was at home when an armed man arrived at his door, and that the gun went off while he attempted to disarm him.

He was eventually charged with two counts of having weapons and pleaded guilty at Liverpool Crown Court in November last year, while on detention for the Aughton raid.

The two guns discovered were 9mm semi-automatic handguns, one of which was a modified Kimar 92. “The summary has come to an end.”


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