Julian Castro believes Beto O’Rourke has a chance to defeat Greg Abbott in the Texas governor’s race.


Julian Castro believes Beto O’Rourke has a chance to defeat Greg Abbott in the Texas governor’s race.

Former congressman Beto O’Rourke, according to Democratic politician Julian Castro, has a chance to unseat Governor Greg Abbott as Texas’ next governor.

Castro was recently a guest on the Vanity Fair podcast Inside The Hive. During his appearance on the show, he discussed a number of political issues in Texas, including the upcoming Texas governor election in 2022.

Due to Abbott’s loss of GOP support, Castro believes O’Rourke has a chance to defeat Abbott and become the next Governor of Texas. Castro also claimed that he feels Abbott’s contentious decisions on public health, mask mandates, and the abortion prohibition are holding Texans captive.

“On all of those points, we have a governor who is ruling solely for the benefit of a small minority of people who vote in Republican primaries, and that is not the way it should be,” Castro said.

On November 8, 2022, the election will be held.

The former US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development also discussed the Haitian border situation and how President Joe Biden should take more steps to improve immigration policy in the United States.

Castro stated, “We need to expand the number of refugees we take in.” “We need to boost the number of people applying for asylum who actually obtain their hearings… to fight the myth that these immigrants are all criminals.”

At the Texas Tribune Festival on September 24, O’Rourke chatted with Kara Swisher, a New York Times opinion writer. While he was there, O’Rourke told Swisher that he will officially announce his candidacy for governor “sometime soon.”

“I want to make sure that anything I do from here on out, whatever we start working on, it benefits the maximum amount of my fellow Texans,” O’Rourke said. “I’m listening to them and attempting to make the best option for the state.”

O’Rourke also spoke about Abbott’s recent legislative moves in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the state’s abortion laws.

“Given Greg Abbott’s severe damage, turmoil, and incompetence in the winter freeze, the abortion restriction, permit-less carry, the anti-mask rule, and the horrible toll that COVID has taken. This is a condensed version of the information.


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