Jordan Henderson sends a message to Liverpool fans after turning the “negativity of the JPA into a positive”.


With fans still unable to attend the games due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there was trouble when it was announced earlier this month that additional games not covered by the existing broadcast agreement – which were initially shown at no extra charge after the project was relaunched – would only now be available at a price of £14.95 per game.

Jordan Henderson welcomed the Liverpool fans for their incredible efforts in raising money for the city’s food banks in the face of the pay-per-view costs of watching their team’s reputation.

Liverpool fans among those who raised £130,000 for the city’s food bank charities following the boycott of pay-per-view games

An incredible £130,000 has been raised so far through the boycott of the PPV games by fans donating to a fundraising site set up by Merseysyside’s pioneering Fans Supporting Foodbanks initiative.

Thousands of fans boycotted the Reds’ pay-per-view Premier League game against Sheffield United last weekend and chose instead to donate the cost of a televised game or whatever they could afford to the Foodbanks’ charities.

“And we got even more evidence of this last week when our fans raised an incredible amount of money to support the food banks in Liverpool.

And now the captain of the Reds, Henderson, has expressed his pride in how the fans have turned “negative into positive”.

“I’ve said it many times before, and it’s not a cliché: our fans make a difference,” he wrote in his programme notes before the West Ham game.

“I am not in a position to say in words how proud I am of you and how I play for you.

“I know that many of you were not happy about the pay-per-view costs, but you have turned that negativity into a positive one, showing the kind of solidarity that will be needed as the crisis continues.

“As players we live on the appreciation of our fans, but right now our fans should know that we appreciate you more than ever.

“But until that moment comes, we will show our appreciation in the best possible way – by continuing to give our all on the pitch so that every Liverpool fan who follows from home knows that we are playing for you, even if you are not with us personally.

“At some point, and hopefully not too far away, we will be able to show this personally.


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