John Lewis retaliated with a new Home Insurance commercial.


John Lewis retaliated with a new Home Insurance commercial.

Following the release of its current Home Insurance advertisement, retailer John Lewis took to social media to explain its actions.

A young boy wearing his mother’s make-up, dress, jewelry, and heels gallivants around the house while Stevie Nicks’ Edge of Seventeen plays in the background.

The advertisement, however, did not go over well with everyone, and many people turned to Twitter to express their displeasure.

In barely two hours and 23 minutes, jurors find a killer guilty.

The young actor smears paint on the walls, kicks lamps with his shoes, throws an umbrella at a vase, spills a glass, and flings glitter into the air.

Many parents will recognize this scenario, but some have slammed the commercial, claiming it promotes “male entitlement” and “gender extremism.”

On Twitter, John Lewis wrote: “We at John Lewis believe that children should have fun, which is why we chose this amusing plot for our current advertisement.

“It’s meant to depict the young actor becoming engrossed in his dramatic performance.

“He is not intentionally causing damage to his home and is completely oblivious of the unintended implications of his activities.”

“If clients had Accidental Damage Cover with our Home Insurance,” they continued, “this would cover a range of large and minor home calamities, including unintended breakages caused by family youngsters.”


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