Jodie Comer tells why she was shamed on Loose Women for an unexpected reason.


Jodie Comer tells why she was shamed on Loose Women for an unexpected reason.

Jodie Comer has spoken up about being ridiculed on Loose Women because of one of her culinary decisions.

Jodie and Stephen Graham joined on This Morning to discuss their new drama Help, which premieres on Channel 4 on Thursday.

The two spoke with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield and expressed their delight at returning to their hometown of Liverpool.

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“I’ve never been able to do that before, it felt like a celebration,” Jodie added.

“Going back to Liverpool was fantastic because there is a part of me that is Sarah (her character).”

“Her mum makes the best Scouse in the world,” Stephen Graham remarked of Jodie’s mother, who cooked for the crew while they were filming. Every Thursday, we’d have it.

“He’s become a lot better since you’ve been cooking Scouse for that Stephen Graham,” her father Jimmy stated to her mother, which made me giggle.

Phil and Holly inquired about Scouse, to which Jodie replied that it was a “meat and potato stew.”

However, she claimed that a photo she had posted had caused a sensation and had even been discussed on Loose Women.

“I put a giant dollop of mint sauce on mine, and they even mentioned it on Loose Women, saying ‘can you have mint sauce with anything other than lamb?’” Jodie explained.

“And yeah, you certainly can.”

Stephen stated that he wanted Jodie to utilize her own accent for the character, while Phil stated that people were surprised to learn she was from Liverpool.

“Do you genuinely think still?” Jodie asked.

Many people were still ignorant that she was from Liverpool, according to Phil.


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