Jamie Carragher talks about the “ridiculous” pay-per-view statement by Mike Ashley of Newcastle United.


The controversial Magpies boss made a statement on Monday evening, demanding that the fee be reduced from £14.95 per game to a lower amount of £4.95.

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has called the statement by Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley about pay-per-view games “ridiculous”.

Jamie Carragher has commented on the statement made by the owner of Newcastle United, Mike Ashley, on Monday night.

While agreeing with Ashley’s remarks, Carragher addressed the fact that season ticket holders in Newcastle have not received refunds and pointed out the irony of his statement.

Figures for Premier League pay-per-view games are meagre, among the many Liverpool fans boycotting games and donating to local food banks instead.

“£14.95 has gone down like a lead balloon and I am sure that will change.

“I think it’s ridiculous that Mike Ashley has come out and said that – I think he’s still taking season ticket money away from Newcastle fans,” he told Sky Sports.

“That Mike Ashley has come out, and I agree with his remarks, shows how messed up that is.

It was estimated that 110,000 people paid to see the game, but those numbers are well below what one would expect.

Liverpool’s 2-1 win over Sheffield United on Saturday was one of the latest pay-per-view bills, but fans boycotted the game, raising over £100,000 for food banks.

Premier League clubs will discuss changes to pay-per-view plans on Thursday, which could be cancelled altogether after a failed trial period.


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