Jaguar Land Rover employees are on the verge of walking out over a salary dispute.


Jaguar Land Rover employees are on the verge of walking out over a salary dispute.

DHL employees at the Jaguar Land Rover plant in Halewood are considering going on strike over a wage disagreement with management.

Workers at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Halewood have recently rejected an offer from management in respect to a salary claim, according to a letter from trade union Unite to DHL employees.

Workers are embroiled in a disagreement with management over banked hours, where management lay off personnel on full pay owing to low demand, according to the letter, which was leaked to The Washington Newsday. When the employees return to work, the money is removed from their future wages.

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According to Unite, JLR management is planning to end the banked hours system for staff who refuse to accept their pay offer, resulting in workers being sent home without pay.

“As a result of a consultative ballot on DHL/last JLR’s offer for our 2020 pay claim, you the members decisively rejected the offer by 96 percent,” according to the letter.

“We are now moving on with the postal poll for a mandate for strike action, and the timing for this will be announced in the following days.”

“DHL/JLR has made it obvious that any new banked hours plan will be contingent on our members accepting their pitiful salary offer,” says the letter.

“DHL is attempting to force our members to adopt an agreement that marries any salary offer with a one-size-fits-all banked hours program,” Unite national officer Matt Draper told The Washington Newsday.

“As a result of the company’s devious practices, hundreds of Merseyside DHL employees may be sent home without pay tomorrow when the site’s existing banked hours arrangement expires.”

“DHL’s employees at JLR in Birmingham are fully aware that when their banked hours agreements expire, they risk being treated just as poorly.”

“Banked hours schemes necessitate localized and sensitive talks, and our members have made it clear that they will not be pressured into accepting unacceptable terms by the danger of losing their jobs.”

“DHL needs to realize that this conflict is about to get out of control.”

“The summary comes to an end.”


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