ITV The Chase Anne Hegerty apologizes that she “knew nothing” after the bad round.


The governess is usually a formidable force, and the candidates tremble in their boots when confronted with her.

The spectators of the chase were worried about Chaser Anne Hegerty this evening when she fought with the candidates.

The spectators were worried about the governor after she attacked the candidates.

Jolian decided to play for the £2,000 he had earned, but was not hopeful against Anne.

Jolian managed to score a disappointing £2,000 in his Cash Builder, and his team even encouraged him to accept the lower offer when he faced Anne.

Tonight’s first candidate was Scout leader Jolian, who said he would go for a wingwalk with a woman if he won some money.

And the audience at home also wondered what had become of the formerly formidable pursuer.

But Anne had a shocker in the round, as she answered several questions incorrectly, which ensured that Jolian could return to his team.

Anne apologized for her bad form and said that she clearly “knew nothing” and “backstage she left my brain”.

Harris said, “Is Anne broken?”

Jacquie said: “Anne! What is going on here? Don’t let them get the idea that they can beat you!”

@moneydreams said: “I can’t believe that Anne answered 4 questions wrong in a row. That way she’s never out of the game.”

And Kyle Sewell said, “I can’t believe Anne answered four questions in a row wrong: “My God, I’m more right than Anne.”

RJ said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Anne have such a bad round.”

When the second candidate Raki met Anne, Anne said she had previously “played like a chimpanzee” and was not sure how she would play against Raki.

When Raki said goodbye, Anne said, “My brain was then when I saw it.”

And Anne also said goodbye to the third contestant Ann, proving that she was back on track.

But Anne seemed to regain her form quickly, because Raki couldn’t get past her and went home with nothing.


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