ITV Manhunt: Who was the Night Stalker, what happened, who starred in the show, and how many episodes were there?


ITV Manhunt: Who was the Night Stalker, what happened, who starred in the show, and how many episodes were there?

In a sequel to the critically successful thriller Manhunt, Martin Clunes plays retired London Metropolitan Police Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton.

Manhunt The Night Stalker, a four-part drama broadcast daily on ITV, is based on the true story of a renowned serial thief and rapist who terrorized hundreds of elderly people in southeast London over a 17-year period.

It is based on Colin Sutton’s journals.

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Martin Clunes, a BAFTA award-winning actor, will reprise his role as DCI Sutton, the detective who pursued serial killer Levi Bellfield in the first series of Manhunt.

This sequel is based on the actual account of a police investigation into a string of rapes, sexual assaults, and burglaries that occurred in South East London from 1992 to 2009.

Operation Minstead, a specialist unit, was formed to track down the individual known as the Night Stalker.

In 2009, Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton was requested to evaluate the case after the culprit continued to elude capture.

The persistent detective developed a scheme to apprehend one of Britain’s most prolific rapists, focussing a massive surveillance operation around a particular area of southeast London, in collaboration with Detective Superintendent Simon Morgan and the Minstead squad.

On a nightly basis, scores of more officers were deployed to covertly saturate the target area.

The Night Stalker was getting more audacious and prolific, and the clock was ticking.

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Delroy Grant earned the moniker “Night Stalker” after committing a series of sexual assaults on the elderly. “The summary has come to an end.”


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