ITV judge Rinder helps the woman to complete her bucket list with a tearful stunt.


Jane Dabner from Bebington was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014.

Judge Rinder helped a woman from Wirral fulfill her bucket list when he arrested her on television.

Jane was surprised when Richter Rinder arrested her for a heartwarming reason

In an effort to help her get off her list of arrests, Jane’s family and friends asked Judge Rinder to help with a stunt, the MEN reports.

After hearing about her illness, the 57-year-old set about filling out a bucket list, which included her arrest.

After Jane was initially given the all-clear after treatment, she learned three years later that the cancer had returned and was incurable.

“You seem to think that’s funny, madam,” he said before asking one of the officials what the “accusation” was.

Jane was among the audience watching the filming of the ITV program and was surprised when Judge Rinder announced that she had been arrested for “stealing the show” on a charity catwalk she was attending.

Among the evidence against Jane during the show were messages from TV presenter Lorraine Kelly and singer Rick Astley – who had appeared on the same runway show.

GMP Officer Sergeant Jinnett Lunt, who met Jane through Maggie’s Manchester, a charity that provides free assistance to all cancer patients, was the one who read Jane her rights before her mock trial by the prominent judge.

Talking about the day, Jane said: “Getting arrested was on my bucket list, and without risking the possibility of going to jail, I never for one minute thought that this would actually happen.

Judge Rinder found Jane guilty of “stealing the spotlight” and added that she had succeeded in “reminding us all how important it is, no matter what is going on in your life, to enjoy the joy of life.

“When the GMP officers entered the set, I thought it was part of the show. I had no idea what my friends in the background were up to….what a fabulous surprise and the icing on the cake was tried out by the amazing judge Rob Rinder.

Richter Rinder broadcasts on ITV on weekdays from 2 pm on.

Jane added: “Thanks to everyone who made this day so special… I am still pinching myself!


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