ITV Fans are perplexed as the Chase competitor reveals his prior work.


ITV Fans are perplexed as the Chase competitor reveals his prior work.

On today’s episode of The Chase, a competitor revealed his employment, which left viewers perplexed.

On today’s episode of the renowned game show, four new contestants arrived to pit their wits against one of Britain’s best quizmasters.

On Thursday’s episode of the ITV show, Lee, Lana, Rebecca, and Bill competed against Jenny Ryan.

When Seat 4 gave his introduction, though, observers were perplexed.

Bill said he was a retired people person, and followers expressed surprise on Twitter, saying they had never heard of the 69-year-previous old’s job.

“What the hell is a “retired people person?” wondered one user.

“Did he say retired people person?” someone else wondered.

“People person, that’s a new one on me,” said a third.

“I’m yearning to know what a retired people person is?” a fourth tweeted.

When it was Bill’s turn to face the Chaser, host Bradley Walsh questioned him, and he clarified: “I was a people person for a well-known key cutting and shoe cobbling firm.”

Fans of the show, on the other hand, claimed they were still unsure what the job entailed.

“I’m still no wiser as to what a “people person” does,” Dayjur stated.

“Brad ask him what it included and he’s still none the wiser,” Janet observed.

“Is what he considers a “People Person” what we call ‘Customer Service,'” Wendi continued.

Bill claimed to be a tennis fanatic who had amassed £5,000 in an amazing cash-builder.

The Vixen, on the other hand, put up a dominant performance and quickly caught Bill in a head-to-head battle.

Jenny had already eliminated Lana and Rebecca, leaving only Lee in the Final Chase for a $5,000 prize.

Lee built up 11 steps before being caught with 28 seconds left, meaning he had to leave empty-handed.


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