Italy: Riots in Naples because of curfew.


Hundreds of Italians protested in Naples against the Corona curfew and the planned lockdown in Campania. The police reacted with tear gas.

In the southern Italian metropolis of Naples, hundreds of people protested in the night to Saturday against a curfew and a planned lockdown for the Campania region in the Corona pandemic. The demonstrators chanted slogans and marched in front of the seat of the regional government, among other places. They threw fireworks and lit smoke bombs, as reported by the Ansa news agency. According to the report, the police used tear gas against the protesters, among other things.

Previously, regional president Vincenzo De Luca had announced plans for a lockdown in response to rapidly rising corona infection figures. In Campania on Friday 2280 new infections were reported within one day, as De Luca reported live on Facebook. On Thursday, the figure had been 1541. A curfew from 23.00 hrs to 5.00 hrs has been in force since Friday.

“We will now close everything,” said De Luca. The shutdown could last a month or 40 days. The situation is difficult, but not a tragedy, he continued. “But tragedy is only one step away.” The regional decree implementing the measure is to be adopted either on Saturday or Sunday, the Ansa news agency reported, citing circles in the regional government. Luca also called on Rome to impose a nationwide lockdown.

The official number of new coronavirus infections throughout Italy reached a record 19,143 on Friday, bringing the total number of infections since the beginning of the pandemic to 484,869. The number of deaths associated with Covid 19 disease increased by 91 to 37,059. More than 1,000 people are currently receiving intensive care.

Meanwhile, the capital city of Rome announced the closure of popular meeting places on weekends in the evening to avoid crowds. On Fridays and Saturdays from 9 p.m. to midnight, places such as Campo de’ Fiori, Piazza Trilussa, Piazza Madonna de’ Monti and Via del Pigneto will remain closed. Similar measures are already in place in Turin, Genoa and Palermo.



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