‘Isolated’ predator invited 14-year-old girl to his house for sex.


‘Isolated’ predator invited 14-year-old girl to his house for sex.

A pervert invited what he believed to be a 14-year-old girl to his house for sex.

Before cultivating her and arranging for her to visit his home, Paul McAuley warned the ‘girl’ on an adult dating site to be wary of dangerous men.

In talks that lasted little under two months, the 38-year-old inquired, “Would you prefer a guy to have sex with?” and made other filthy remarks.

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Unbeknownst to McAuley, he was conversing with a paedophile hunter who reported everything to the cops.

Carl Noon, acting on behalf of a paedophile hunting organisation, used the identity Katie on multiple platforms, according to Mike Stephenson, prosecuting at Liverpool Crown Court.

He said McAuley began communicating with the ‘female’ on November 14 of last year under the alias ‘Brock.’

One of the first exchanges, according to Mr Stephenson, was the decoy informing McAuley he was a 14-year-old female.

“There will be men looking for sex on this app,” McAuley “warned” the girl on the over-18s dating app, Jaumo, he alleged.

When he asked her whether she “fancied him at all,” they switched numbers and began communicating over Whatsapp.

Mr Stephenson said McAuley was inebriated when he sent many of the communications, which he said occurred late at night.

“That to my mind looks a fairly aggressive approach to someone who is grooming a girl,” Mr Stephenson said of the filthy messages he sent.

“I want to f*** you, Merry Christmas,” McAuley said on Boxing Day.

He responded, “Would you like a male to have sex with?” to the fake profile’s “I’m 14” response.

McAuley began planning their meeting in the New Year, according to Mr Stephenson, and added, “I wish I was in bed with you right now.”

“Come to my, you’re always welcome,” he encouraged the girl, and they talked about the “benefits of using the train rather than a taxi” and “what reasons she could make to her parents for her absence.”

McAuley had “reservations” at one point, according to Mr Stephenson, who observed she was 14 and stated, “I may be arrested for this, you’re underage.”

When she voiced concerns about becoming pregnant, McAuley said. “The summary has come to an end.”


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