Inmate Threatens to ‘Rot in Hell’ two others for injuring him and killing workers in an attempt to flee.


Inmate Threatens to ‘Rot in Hell’ two others for injuring him and killing workers in an attempt to flee.

According to the Associated Press, an inmate convicted in the beating deaths of two Iowa prison workers during a botched escape attempt in March received a life sentence on Wednesday, making him the second offender to earn a life sentence in the case.

According to detectives, convict Michael Dutcher, 28, posed as a maintenance worker and broke into the Anamosa State Penitentiary infirmary. Dutcher and his accomplice then entered a break room and dismantled the bars on a window using a handheld power saw.

Correctional officer Robert McFarland, 50, and nurse Lorena Schulte, 46, were beaten with hammers by the convicts. While attempting to stop the attack, another inmate, McKinley Roby, was gravely hurt.

Roby told Dutcher that the attack had left him with “lifelong scars and trauma.”

“May your soul rot in hell for the lives you killed and the misery and suffering you caused,” he said.

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In the killings of McFarland and Schulte, Dutcher pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder. During the unsuccessful escape, he also admitted to kidnapping another prison worker and attempted murder for assaulting an inmate who tried to stop the attack.

In an effort to bring peace to the victims’ families, Judge Fae Hoover-Grinde sentenced Dutcher to back-to-back life terms plus additional 50 years in prison. She told Dutcher, whose trial was set to begin next week, that she couldn’t think of a more heinous crime.

Inmate Thomas Woodard was sentenced to life in prison by Hoover-Grinde last month for his role in the attacks. Both prisoners were serving time for armed robbery convictions at the Anamosa prison.

The tools were obtained through a prison work program by the pair, who were also holding jail dental assistant Lorie Matthes as a hostage. Matthes was allowed to be released, and the two were apprehended shortly after.

In a victim impact statement, Matthes, a 29-year employee of the Iowa Department of Corrections, described how Dutcher pulled her from a hallway and forced her into the break room. She said the incident changed her life “physically, emotionally, and intellectually,” adding that she had broken ribs and other injuries, which she is still recovering from. This is a condensed version of the information.


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