In very different ways, Harry and William are attempting to save the world.


In very different ways, Harry and William are attempting to save the world.

The position of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at a progressive investing firm is the latest example of the royal couple’s support for ethical commerce as a solution to the world’s issues.

The couple’s viewpoint contrasts with Prince William, who is working to develop technical solutions to climate change while putting his faith in science.

According to its website, Harry and Meghan have been named impact partners at Ethic, an investment company with the ambitious purpose of “making financial markets a powerful force for good.”

This follows the announcement of a partnership between Harry’s eco-tourism company Travalyst and Google to promote greener flying.

The digital behemoth is attempting to provide more information on low-carbon solutions to consumers, allowing ethical customers to create a financial incentive to become more environmentally conscious.

The unifying denominator between the two is the assumption that with adequate information, regular people’s morality and spending habits, or in Ethic’s case, the wealthy, can direct the world to a better future within the existing system.

The Earthshot Prize is Prince William’s current main endeavor. Five winners will be announced each year until 2030, with each receiving a £1 million ($1.36 million) prize.

The prizes will be given to inventive solutions to the global environmental catastrophe, demonstrating his faith in science and technology to preserve the globe.

In September, William wrote in the prologue to a book accompanying the award that he hoped the prize would inject optimism into the climate change debate.

“The facts look scary,” he said, “and I could see how this may make individuals feel like they should give up.” The worldwide debate felt overly complicated, pessimistic, and overpowering.

“It appeared to me, and my team’s research backs this up, that there was a real risk that people would shut down; that they would feel so sad, afraid, and powerless that any true chance of development would come to a standstill.”

However, there is a third royal who has been drumming for the planet’s salvation since before either of the brothers were born.

Prince Charles has been mocked in the past for speaking out in favor of environmental protection, something he has done since 1970 when he spoke out against plastic waste.

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