In Utah, 80 people who were fully vaccinated died of COVID-19, with 13,836 new cases reported.


80 Fully Vaccinated In Utah Die Of COVID-19; 13,836 Breakthrough Cases Reported

According to the most recent data, at least 80 completely vaccinated citizens in Utah have died of COVID-19, as virus cases continue to rise in the state and across the country.

As per the Utah Department of Health, the breakthrough deaths were reported as of Wednesday along with a total of 13,836 breakthrough infections, 735 of which required admission to hospitals.

According to state health officials, 1,885 more confirmed COVID-19 cases were recorded on Thursday, increasing the total number of infections in Utah to 489,236. At least 436 cases involved school-aged children, including 172 cases involving children aged 5 to 10, 115 cases involving children aged 11 to 13, and 149 cases involving children aged 14 to 17.

The state’s rolling seven-day average of confirmed cases was at 1,675 as of Thursday, with the rolling 7-day average of positivity rate at 13.5%.

On Thursday, health officials reported 15 more deaths, including both unvaccinated and vaccinated residents. According to Fox13 Now, the state’s total COVID-19 death toll now stands at 2,779 people.

The Utah Department of Health’s latest data comes after Rep. Paul Ray, R-Utah, slammed a report by the Intermountain Healthcare system where it said that the state’s intensive care units are at 100% capacity.

“According to IHC, they’ve run out of room. They haven’t run out of room. They’ve run out of people to hire. They ejected their doctors. They chased away their nurses. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, “they made it miserable for their employees.”

“They got caught in the middle of a pandemic trying to change their business model to increase their billion-dollar bottom line so they can make more money. They got caught with their pants down. Now all of a sudden it’s our fault.”

Ray also accused Primary Children Hospital of lying when it reported their pediatric ICU capacity was at 103 percent, and he begged the hospital to “stop scaring people.”

“Primary Children’s they said was at 103% capacity in their pediatric ICU. They had two COVID patients, the rest were trauma and RSV,” he said, adding: “Let’s get some honesty here. Let’s quit trying to push people and just let them make their own decisions for once and get government out of it.”

Nationally, the U.S. has so far reported 42,634,054 COVID-19 cases and 688,486 deaths, according to worldometers data.


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