In Upton, there are plans for 80 units.


In Upton, there are plans for 80 units.

In Wirral, three houses will be removed and replaced with 80 flats.

H21 and MBE Construction have proposed constructing new assisted living units on Moreton Road in Upton, Wirral.

This sort of residence allows seniors to live freely while receiving on-site care.

The St Johns Shopping Centre in Liverpool has been sold.

The apartment building will have three or four stories, with 55 one-bedroom units and 25 two-bedroom apartments.

JDA Architects’ design and access statement bolstered the case for moving forward with the project.

“Evidence from throughout the country has demonstrated that extra care (or assisted living) has permitted a more meaningful lifestyle for older people, with the benefits of less social isolation and improved mental and physical wellbeing as a result,” it stated.

The planning statement, authored by Barton Willmore LLP, also argues that more of this type of accommodation is needed in Wirral, as identified by Wirral Council’s research last year.

According to the local government’s studies, the borough will require an additional 2,799 units of “specialized older adults accommodation” and 1,330 units of residential care by 2035.

Visitors will have access to a salon, a community lounge, and a guest suite, according to the statement, so residents can easily connect with visitors and each other.

The Moreton Road site, according to the paper, is close to Upton village center, which is “easily accessible” for people, particularly those who use mobility scooters.

Nearby, there are various doctor’s offices and pharmacies, as well as public transportation options.

A number of trees would be lost as a result of the proposal, although the planning statement stated that these trees are of “low quality.”

“High value healthy trees,” on the other hand, will be preserved.

“While some trees have been lost, this has been offset by the retention of critical trees on the Moreton Road frontage and the planting of new trees as part of the proposed landscaping scheme,” the paper continued.

The idea must now be reviewed by Wirral Council, which must decide whether to accept or reject it.


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