In tonight’s episode of Emmerdale, fans adored the character’s new look.


In tonight’s episode of Emmerdale, fans adored the character’s new look.

Faith Dingle’s new look in tonight’s episode was a hit with Emmerdale viewers.

Sally Dexter’s character has been frightened that her cancer has returned in recent weeks after suffering some unexpected aches.

Faith’s concerns were addressed in tonight’s episode of the iconic ITV soap, when Brenda Walker dropped a box in front of her containing wigs from when she was battling illness.

“I know why you have them, Brenda,” Faith explained to Brenda.

“It’s amusing, isn’t it? We’re terrified of getting cancer, and we’re probably just as afraid of losing our hair.”

When the program returned to Faith and Brenda’s talk, Faith was wearing a red wig and fooling around about being a Russian agent, despite the serious nature of her concerns.

“What do you think I’d look like bald?” she joked. I’d scare the kids.”

And this caused Brenda to tell her that she would still look “beautiful” in a poignant moment.

Fans of the show flocked to Twitter to express their support for Lesley Dunlop.

“Faith, you look amazing in that wig #Emmerdale,” one fan commented.

“Faith is lovely, the wig even suited her, such amazing eyes,” said another.

“Faith sporting the red wig!” said a third. #emmerdale”

“Faith truly looks great in the red wig!!,” said a fourth.

After her great granddaughter Sarah eavesdropped on Faith and Brenda’s chat, Faith faced a decision in tonight’s double header over whether or not to tell her family about her cancer fear.


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