In the midst of a crime spike, a timeline of recent smash-and-grab robberies in LA and the Bay Area has been compiled.


In the midst of a crime spike, a timeline of recent smash-and-grab robberies in LA and the Bay Area has been compiled.

A recent crime spike in California, which began just before the Thanksgiving holiday, spurred the state’s governor to call for heightened police presence at retail centers, only days before the district attorney of San Francisco announced felony charges against some of the suspects.

So far, the majority of the thefts have occurred in businesses in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Several incidences have been reported in which big groups of people rushed into establishments and stole merchandise.

Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Monday that the California Highway Patrol will enhance its patrol presence near key retail stores during the holiday shopping season, and that he will propose a budget increase next year “to combat retail theft.” Newsom’s office issued a statement in response to a “series of robberies” recorded around the state over the weekend, stating that the governor was working with local leaders to tackle the increase in crime.

“The kind of organized retail fraud we’re seeing is simply unacceptable,” said Newsom in a statement. “Both businesses and customers should feel secure when purchasing for the holidays.” Chesa Boudin, the San Francisco District Attorney, issued felony charges against nine people suspected of being involved in robberies in the area over the last week on Tuesday.

Mayor London Breed of San Francisco also declared on Tuesday that she was working with local law enforcement to take safeguards in the city, including “enhanced police patrols and vehicle street closures aimed at stopping getaway automobiles,” as she tweeted.

Below is a timeline of some of the recorded occurrences since mid-November, as state and municipal officials continue to take actions to address the recent surge in retail thefts.

15 November

On social media, the Concord Police Department published a video of nine hooded and masked people breaking jewelry cabinets with hammers at an Iceberg Diamonds store. When store staff attempted to enter, they were “repelled by the hammer-wielding offenders,” according to authorities.

the 19th of November

According to The Los Angeles Times, dozens of people broke into a mall in San Francisco’s Union Square and stole merchandise worth at least $1 million in total. Several of the mall’s stores did. This is a condensed version of the information.


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