In the dark, a creepy clown can be seen cowering behind bushes.


In the dark, a creepy clown can be seen cowering behind bushes.

In the dead of night, a man costumed as a frightening clown was observed strolling the streets of Speke.

In an early Halloween costume, the clown could be seen cowering behind bushes in a terrifying costume.

A black and white clown outfit with a white neck ruff and a grotesque mask with a bright red nose, purple hair, and gigantic fangs comprised the costume.

Danniella Westbrook shows off her beautiful new look in this lovely photo.

“It’s that time of year again,” one witness said, sharing photos of the man hunched behind a bush. I was out and about in Speke and came upon the clown in the Ganworth Road area.” The man, however, was unconcerned with the eerie outfit and creepy mask, describing it as a “great costume.”

People throughout Merseyside are preparing to celebrate Halloween on Sunday, October 31 by decorating their homes for trick-or-treaters.

To raise money for Alder Hey, a Liverpool mother transformed her home into a ghastly house of dread.

Last year, while Liverpool was still under Tier 3 lockdown, Katie Griffiths, 24, decorated the exterior of her house with a festive horror theme.

The house of evil is returning this year, bigger than ever, taking up two of Katie’s neighbors’ gardens in Domingo Grove, Anfield.

At night, the house comes to life, for lack of a better description, as vampires, skeletons, and other horrific characters come to life while screams fill the air.

All of this occurs as horrific characters, ranging from deadly clowns to the shadowy figure of a desperate person imprisoned inside, emerge at the home’s bedroom windows, banging on the windows for aid.

Wesley Braithwaite, 28, is Katie’s father and creates all of the props himself.

James Boyle, 34, of Speke, transformed his home into a ‘house of horrors’ for merely £2.

People started stopping by the property on Damwood Road to say they were looking forward to the joiner’s eerie display as he was making Halloween props for an Alzheimer’s charity.

“When people started saying they couldn’t wait to see what the garden looked like at Christmas, at,” the father of six added.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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