In “sickening” videos, a “Eminem rapping” care home worker mocks and teases the elderly.


In “sickening” videos, a “Eminem rapping” care home worker mocks and teases the elderly.

A video of a care worker taunting elderly patients in a care facility by singing Eminem songs and shaming one old woman for wetting herself has gone viral.

The unsettling video was captured at Maple Lodge Care Home in Halewood, which cares for dementia patients, and it was discovered on Monday morning.

The Washington Newsday obtained video of a staff employee, Tasia Sewards, waving a soiled adult nappy towards a resident and asking, “your wee, unless you’ve had a poo in that?”

The Washington Newsday elected not to air the videos out of respect for the people who were portrayed.

As the elderly woman turns and walks away, Ms Sewards tosses the nappy to the floor.

Other videos show Ms Sewards rapping “guess who’s back, back again” – lines from the Eminem song Without Me – at an elderly woman passing by.

A concerned witness who received the footage from a third party forwarded it to The Washington Newsday and Maple Lodge management.

The incident has left employees at Maple Lodge and its parent firm, Dovehaven Care Homes, “sick to their stomachs” and some in tears.

The relatives of the residents seen on camera have been notified, according to Dovehaven.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC), a health and care watchdog, said it will “closely” monitor Maple Lodge and “will not tolerate this behavior from any person working in a health or social care organization.”

Ms Sewards, who is thought to be in her early twenties, is not working at the home while management investigates.

“On [Monday] morning, it was brought to our attention that many films had been shot showing a member of our crew behaving improperly to a number of our residents at Maple Lodge,” Dovehaven managing director Sam Jacob said in a statement.

“Any behavior that jeopardizes the dignity and well-being of our residents is not tolerated at Dovehaven.

“We have shared the recordings we received with Adult Safeguarding and contacted all appropriate parties, including the Care Quality Commission,” said the spokesperson (CQC).

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