In Scotland, 8,000 second dosage appointments were arranged too early.


In Scotland, 8,000 second dosage appointments were arranged too early.

8,000 second dosage appointments were scheduled too early in Scotland.

According to the Scottish Government, a technical error resulted in over 8,000 appointments for second doses of a coronavirus vaccine being issued too early in Scotland.

Due to a scheduling issue, slots were distributed early than the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization’s recommended eight-week period (JCVI).

Despite the fact that the fault appears to have been fixed, an investigation has been launched.

It’s important to highlight that having the vaccine before the age of eight weeks poses no risk to the child’s health.

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf told the PA news agency, “We have been made aware of a system error that has resulted in a number of patients being summoned forward for their second vaccination ahead of the eight-week recommended gap.”

“We sincerely apologies to anyone who have been inconvenienced, and NHS boards are working to contact them and give them a new appointment time or the option of attending a drop-in clinic when their second dose is due.

“If you have received an invitation for a second dose less than eight weeks after your first, please do not attend your appointment.

“To amend your arrangements, you can call the hotline or go to NHS Inform.

“Please keep your early second dose appointment if you’re immunocompromised and have one for clinical reasons.

“It’s crucial to stress that receiving the vaccine before to the eight-week period has no clinical risk.

“This interval is suggested since it increases the vaccine’s efficacy and level of protection.

“We’re working with boards to ensure that professionals are present during vaccination clinics to provide further information and reassurance.”

The day before the announcement, Nicola Sturgeon received her second dosage of coronavirus vaccine.

You can reschedule your second dosage appointment online or by calling the Vaccination Helpline at 0800 030 8013 if you think it’s too soon.


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