In new council plans, campervans could be taxed up to £15 a day to park in Wirral beauty areas.


In new council plans, campervans could be taxed up to £15 a day to park in Wirral beauty areas.

In new measures to be examined by Wirral council next week, those parking in mobile homes at Wirral beauty spots might be taxed up to £15 a day.

The suggestion is part of a package of measures put forward at a meeting of Wirral council’s Environment, Climate Emergency and Transport Committee on Monday in order to generate the £1 million in extra parking money approved at a previous council budget meeting.

An idea to tax those with RVs is also on the table in a report prepared ahead of the meeting, which lists tariff increases, a new borough-wide uniform tariff structure, and the creation of new on and off street chargeable parking places at towns and seaside regions across the borough.

“Members are also advised to explore the implementation of a new motorhome daily parking rate where suitable on particular car parks,” the study reads.

“A motorhome is a vehicle that has some of the features of a home, such as a stove, refrigerator, toilet, and sleeping accommodations.”

“Because these vehicles frequently occupy more than one regular car parking place, a fee of up to £15 per day for motorhome vehicle parking is expected.”

“The Council’s business team is working on plans for overnight parking of motorhomes and recreational vehicles in a dedicated commercial facility with amenities.”

“This is currently being discussed separately with members of the Tourism, Communities, Culture, and Leisure Committee.”

The ECHO published details of the council’s vehicle parking options study earlier this week, eliciting heated comments from local people as well as answers from councillors from all political parties in the borough.

Motorhome parking fees, according to several social media comments, would be a positive step forward.

“It has become mayhem,” one individual said of the amount of RVs parked at the borough’s resorts, which is impacting both visitors and residents. On nice days, visitors park their cars on the sidewalks and roundabouts. The number of RVs parked on King’s Parade is staggering. The summary comes to a close.


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