In Liverpool city centre, a teen girl was assaulted by ‘drugged up’ gangs.


In Liverpool city centre, a teen girl was assaulted by ‘drugged up’ gangs.

Something “has to be done,” according to the parents of a teen who was jumped in Liverpool’s city center.

Carla Barr, 14, was attacked near Queen Square bus station on Saturday, June 5, according to Andy Barr of Anfield.

Carla’s father claims she was alone and waiting for the bus home when she was assaulted by a band of “p***** up” youths.

According to witnesses, there were roughly 13 girls and four boys involved in the attack.

According to the ECHO, the 35-year-old said: “My daughter was walking back to her house when she was accosted by a gang of youths who were partying in the city center.

“You obviously know everything there is to know about the gangs based on the articles you’ve read in the last few days.

“She was on her way home and needed to catch a bus from Queen Square.

“They simply attacked her, and they were all drunk and drugged up.”

To make matters worse, Andy claims that the gangs shared video of the incident on social media, and that he has seen part of it.

His daughter claimed to have known one of the attackers and that they were distributing the violent recordings around.

He continued, ” “There is video on the internet, and I’ve been handed a few clips, but it’s all manipulated stuff on Snapchat or whatever.

“People will say, “They’re only kids,” yet they’re eager to post it online and put her on display again.

“They’re scumbags; we wouldn’t have done anything like this when we were kids.”

Thankfully, a woman who was also waiting at the bus station and a couple exiting a local pub intervened and stopped the attack.

Carla’s father stated that the outcome “might have been a lot worse” if the strangers had not intervened.

The stranger dropped Carla off at home and called her parents after removing her from the situation.

Carla’s mother, Terriann Jones, told the ECHO about the moment she got the word about the attack: “I had to have a woman phone me to thank me for my assistance. The summary comes to a close.


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