In January, the Biden administration wants all foreign visitors to the United States to get vaccinated.


In January, the Biden administration wants all foreign visitors to the United States to get vaccinated.

All foreign nationals entering the United States in January will be required to be completely vaccinated, according to the Biden administration.

The rule will apply to any essential foreign traveler to the United States, according to an unnamed White House official who spoke to the Associated Press on Tuesday. This applies to cross-border visitors ranging from truck truckers to foreign officials visiting or stationed in the country.

The requirement is set to take effect on January 22nd.

Regardless of their vaccination status, citizens and permanent residents of the United States will be allowed to enter the country. They will, however, be required to take a COVID-19 test before being admitted.

This follows the administration of Vice President Joe Biden’s removal of admission restrictions for international tourists on November 4th. Former President Donald Trump imposed entrance restrictions during the early days of the outbreak over 20 months ago. Flights from China were initially suspended in February 2020, but the ban was expanded to include other countries a month later when illness statistics increased.

Essential travelers, unlike tourists and other visitors, were allowed to enter the United States regardless of their immunization status. The vaccination regulation was postponed to give other countries more time to vaccinate their citizens and to avoid further trade problems.

Because the rule has not yet been announced, no specifics are available at this time. Vaccination standards for important foreign employees entering by land or ferry will be similar to those for non-essential international passengers, according to an AP source.

“While additional operational specifics will be disclosed in the coming weeks,” an official told The Hill, “we anticipate that the operational details will be largely commensurate with the approach that is already being applied to non-essential visitors.”


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