In historic Wirral town, new dwellings are planned on a “eyesore site.”


In historic Wirral town, new dwellings are planned on a “eyesore site.”

On a “eyesore” site in one of Wirral’s most historic villages, new dwellings are being proposed.

The Port Sunlight Village Trust (PSVT) wants to redevelop land on Water Street and Wharf Street.

According to the PSVT, the land has been vacant for a long time and has become “a bit of an eyesore,” which the Trust wants to rectify.

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“We are in the midst of a climate catastrophe, and the way homes are built and how we live in them is a substantial source to carbon emissions,” the PSVT stated.

“We believe that future generations’ well-being is inextricably linked to the challenge posed by climate change.

“Just as the first town set the standard for design and placemaking, any new homes can do the same.

“A planning consent has been in place since 2010, but PSVT has taken into consideration the impact that new dwellings can have on existing inhabitants and wants to ensure that any construction leaves a constructive legacy for future generations.

“Both the heritage and the residents should be respected in the residences. The importance of high-quality design cannot be overstated.”

The Trust also stated that the development must be “right for Port Sunlight and future generations,” and is currently seeking public input on the project.

Lord Leverhulme developed Port Sunlight in 1888, with the residences being erected for his soap factory workers.

The community retains most of its original appearance from over a century ago, with over 900 listed structures.


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