In her school backpack, a little girl carries a photo of her father, who was murdered by a speeding yob.


In her school backpack, a little girl carries a photo of her father, who was murdered by a speeding yob.

A young girl keeps a photo of her father in her school bag to look at when she is upset following his awful death.

Anthony Cope was one of two cyclists killed by stoned driver Colin Smith, who was driving a stolen hatchback at 70 mph.

Following the horrible incident, both the father of two and a builder, 39, and Clare Killey, 45, a mother of two and a health visitor, died.

Driver who ran down two cyclists has been sentenced to prison for their deaths.

On February 28, 2019, Smith, 23, fled the incident in Dunlop Road, Speke, then lied and accused another driver.

However, he was found guilty of causing both deaths by reckless driving and was sentenced to 11 years in prison today at Liverpool Crown Court.

Smith, who used to live on Lower Road in Halewood but now lives in Lavender Gardens in Warrington, had to listen to a series of heartbreaking victim impact testimonies first.

Mr Cope, of Halewood, had a five-year-old daughter, now seven, and a teen son, now a young man, at the time.

Prosecutor Martine Snowdon presented a statement from Yvonne Smith, the mother of his child and his 10-year companion.

Ms Smith said she had almost given up hope of finding a life mate until she met “Tony,” who she described as “ideal for me.”

“Losing Tony has left a tremendous void in our lives,” she stated. To us, he was everything. He is the last thing on my mind before I go to sleep and the first thing on my mind when I wake up.

“I would not have had the strength to get out of bed if it hadn’t been for our daughter, and she is the reason I keep going.”

“I still have to catch my breath when I realize he’s gone and I can’t see or hold him,” she continued.

Ms Smith stated that she is still unemployed and that raising their daughter consumes all of her efforts.

“I’ll never forget that day, which began like any other,” she added. Before we both went to work, we shared a kiss, which ended with two cops knocking on my door.

“My first query was whether Tony was still alive, and when the answer was yes, I was overjoyed. When the officer arrived, this quickly dissipated. Summary ends.


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