In her own home, the young mother is so afraid that she sleeps with her bed against the door.


In her own home, the young mother is so afraid that she sleeps with her bed against the door.

After robbers looted her home, a young mother was left “terrified” and “unsafe in her own home.”

Becky, 25, who lives on Queen’s Drive in West Derby with her husband, one-year-old baby, and three pugs, noticed her van was not on the drive when she returned home from a day of shopping in the city at around 9.45pm.

When she entered the front door, the fraud investigator discovered her dogs were running around the home unrestrained, despite the fact that they were normally contained behind a baby gate.

In barely two hours and 23 minutes, jurors find a killer guilty.

Becky expressed herself as follows: “When I initially entered the living room, I assumed the dogs had simply destroyed the baby gate and wrecked the house, but it was evident that someone had been there.

“They had checked everywhere; all of the kitchen cabinets were open, with items strewn across the floor, the babies’ bedroom had been trashed alongside ours, and even the diaper pail had been emptied.

“Going into every room and realizing it was completely plundered was horrifying.”

As soon as she realized what had happened, the mother of one dialed 911.

Becky discovered her engagement ring, Michael Kors smart watch, Gucci watch, and Pandora bracelets had been stolen along with the van.

The spare key to her partner’s car, as well as pieces of a glass chandelier that hung in the residence, were also removed.

According to the 25-year-old, “Imagine if I was at home with the baby when they came in; my mind has been racing since then.

“It’s terrible to consider. I pushed my bed in front of the bedroom door the night after it happened because I was so terrified.

“I’m particularly concerned about the car key they’ve taken; does this imply that they intend to return? I’m scared to death.” Merseyside Police said in a statement: “Following a burglary in West Derby on Wednesday, October 13, we can confirm that an investigation is ongoing.

“Residents of a home on Queens Drive called police about 9.45 p.m. to say that entrance had been forced earlier in the day, and that a Renault Master panel van and jewelry had been stolen.

“The investigation is still ongoing.

“Anyone with information or who has video of someone acting suspiciously in the area.”

The summary comes to a conclusion.”


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