In front of his parents, a leopard drags a 6-year-old child into the forest and mauls him to death.


In front of his parents, a leopard drags a 6-year-old child into the forest and mauls him to death.

In an incident of human-wildlife conflict in India, a leopard mauled a 6-year-old child to death after dragging him into a wooded area in front of his parents.

When the leopard attacked the youngster, Abinash Ganda, he was returning home from a shrine with his family.

The incident occurred in a village in the central state of Chhattisgarh on Tuesday.

Ganda was out strolling with another child when the leopard appeared out of nowhere and pounced on him. The youngster was then pulled away into a densely forested area, according to the Orissa Post.

The forest department was promptly notified by the child’s relatives. Forest officials began searching for the boy, who was eventually discovered in a severe condition laying on a rock. He was sent to a nearby hospital, but he was unable to be rescued. At the hospital, he was pronounced dead.

Officers were unable to locate the leopard who had assaulted the youngster. The victim’s family received $465 in compensation from the forest service.

It was not the first event of its kind in the neighborhood, according to locals. Three children had previously been murdered in leopard attacks, according to Odisha TV. It was unclear whether all of the attacks were carried out by the same animal. Residents reported that the forest department tried but failed to capture the leopard.

Human-leopard confrontations have been on the rise in the state and its environs. Last week, a leopard mauled and murdered a 4-year-old girl in Maharashtra, a neighboring state. While she was playing outside her house, the animal dragged her away. Officials from the Forest Service and local neighbors looked for the youngster and discovered her half-eaten body on a farm nearly 12 hours later. The leopard attacked the girl before leaving her body there, according to authorities.


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