In Front Of Her Mother, A 16-Foot Crocodile Eats A 4-Year-Old Child Alive


16-Foot Crocodile Eats 4-Year-Old Child Alive In Front Of Her Mother. A four-year-old girl was allegedly attacked and eaten alive by a giant crocodile near Sukkur’s Nara Canal on Friday, the police revealed Saturday.

A massive crocodile attacked and ate a 4-year-old child alive while she and her mother were near a canal in Pakistan.

The horrible tragedy occurred in the city of Sukkur on Saturday. The youngster was washing clothes with her mother on the bank of the Nara Canal when the crocodile pounced on her and dragged her into the river, according to local media sources. According to Daily Pakistan, the girl’s mother witnessed her daughter being eaten alive by the reptile.

When the crocodile came out of the water, the mother escaped to save her life. The reptile mauled the child and disappeared. People living nearby said the crocodile was 16-foot-long. The victim has been identified as Saeeda Mahar.

Local divers spent hours searching the crocodile-infested canal for the girl, but did not find her until late Saturday evening.

Residents of the nearby localities said there have been several instances of crocodiles attacking animals grazing on the Nara Canal embankments. Despite complaints, the district administration and the wildlife department turned a blind eye to the issue, the Nation reported.

Following the unfortunate tragedy, the child’s family was devastated.

The Nara Canal, Pakistan’s longest canal, stretches for 226 miles along the left bank of the Indus River in Sindh. This is where the country’s greatest population of endangered Mugger crocodiles may be located. The Nara Canal is home to more than 300 crocodiles of various types.

Last year in August, an 8-year-old girl was attacked and eaten alive by a gigantic crocodile on a side of Nara Canal in Sukkur. The girl was standing on an end of the canal when the crocodile suddenly pounced on her. People present at the scene saw the crocodile gripping her into its strong jaws and swallowing the girl alive, according to ARY News“We called rescue officials and the police but they reached the site six hours after the incident, the rescue team hasn’t been able to find her body yet,” the child’s father said at the time.


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