In defense of the character of Trump | Statement.


In the last four years I have heard numerous Republicans say “Trump’s politics is great, but he’s a bad role model for young Americans.” I disagree. I believe that President Trump is a role model in many ways, especially for our youth. And that is why:

(1) President Trump works virtually non-stop. In an interview in 2018, Trump’s former Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, said: “I have always been able to outdo everyone. President Trump is the exception to the rule.” (1) President Trump works virtually non-stop.

Trump sleeps little, spurns vacations, works exhaustively for success and seems to have limitless energy. He has little patience for the tame life – which is perhaps the reason why he is the first president in 170 years who has not had a pet during his term of office.

Countless young Americans, meanwhile, are taught to complain, to expect life to be served to them on a silver platter, to be jealous of the rich and to “chill”. Many of them consider retirement at the age of 65 so they can relax on the beach sipping tequila to be the meaning of life. They are lazy, righteous and moody. In short, the trump card is everything the members of the younger generation are not – and therefore a perfect role model for them.

(2) Trump does not dwell on past weaknesses. Some may think this habit is a mistake, but I believe it is badly needed in a modern America where people love to sit on the sofas of psychologists and endlessly reenact their lives and deal with every bad episode in them.

Have you made a mistake? That’s okay. Learn from it and move on quickly.

(3) Trumpf appreciates excellence. Everything he does must be the best, the greatest, the boldest. Yes, sometimes he overdoes it (is it really a big deal if Obama had a bigger opening crowd than he had, considering that 91 percent of Washington, D.C. voted for Hillary?) But when was the last time we had a president who loved Excellency so much that he couldn’t bear to settle for second best?

Today in America we give participation trophies to children just because they came. We celebrate effort as much as we celebrate achievement. And we spend an inordinate amount of time, as the late Judge Robert Bork wrote, “trying to build student self-esteem [instead of]teaching them skills and knowledge that would justify self-esteem. In short, in many ways we glorify mediocrity. Trump is the perfect antidote to this cultural bias.

(4) Trump is fearless. He does not care who opposes him or what his enemies threaten to do to him. He defends his values and positions, whatever the cost. How many of us act in this way?

Children, teenagers and young adults often fear what their peers will say. “How will they react when I speak my mind?” “What will they think of me?” “What if they say I’m strange or old-fashioned?”

Every moment Trump is president is a message to the youth: No, you don’t have to apologize. You don’t have to apologize. If you are right, speak the truth out loud and fear no one. As a result, you will not suffer – at least not in the long run. On the contrary. You will earn widespread respect and admiration – from God and from people. Perhaps one day you will even become President of the United States.

(5) Trump loves America. All of his rallies – which are true U.S. love celebrations – begin with the patriotic Lee Greenwood song “God Bless the USA”, and Trump is even known to kiss the American flag occasionally when he enters a stage. Many politicians today have difficulty defending traditional American heroes. Not Trump. He celebrates Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, MacArthur and Patton with pride – and no apology – with the same fervor as our grandparents.

(6) Trump speaks openly and honestly. He does not hide what he thinks behind misleading or ambiguous language. Ask Trump a question and you will receive a clear, unvarnished answer. Sure, he exaggerates on occasion, but there is almost never any doubt where Trump stands on a particular question.

Of course Trump has character flaws – who doesn’t? But all in all, I believe that the overwhelming majority of American youth benefits immensely from having Trump as President. He is hardworking, fearless, patriotic, transparent, not enslaved by past mistakes, and satisfied with nothing less than excellence.

In short, he is a walking inspiration. We would be blessed to have him in the White House for another four years.

Elliot Resnick is the editor in chief of The Jewish Press.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author….


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