In a viral video, TikToker claims that a Texas restaurant segregates white and black customers.


In a viral video, TikToker claims that a Texas restaurant segregates white and black customers.

A TikToker has accused a Texas restaurant of separating White and Black patrons in its seating arrangement. Trinity Newman, a popular TikToker, posted a video to demonstrate her surprising assertion, which quickly went viral and prompted a debate.

According to Daily Dot, Newman posted the video clip to her Instagram account @trinitycomedy after visiting the undisclosed eatery and expressing her surprise at the odd seating arrangement. “So, on one side, all one color, and the rest in the bigger area?” “I’m not making this up,” she captioned the video, which has over 389,000 views.

“We are sitting in a restaurant and quickly spotted something,” reads the caption of the film, which begins with Newman appearing suspicious. The camera then pans across the room to reveal all of the tables around her that are occupied by people of color, with the exception of one at the back where an elderly White guy is dining. She then displays the other side of a restaurant, which is separated by a stairwell and where all of the tables are filled with White diners.

So, on one side, it’s all one color, and on the other, it’s all different colors? I’m not making this up. ##segregation ##amazing ##texas ##foryou ##fyp ##foryoupage ##foryoupage ##foryoupage In the comments area, the video quickly generated a heated debate.

Some viewers agreed with Newman’s suspicion that the behavior was a clear case of “segregation.” Others thought the seating arrangement was purely coincidental, accusing Newman of inventing an issue out of thin air.

On her video, a viewer wrote, “Always reaching.” “When you’re constantly on the lookout for it. You’ll make stuff up all over the place, “another chastised

Some viewers claimed that many restaurants use a seating rotation method and that the seating arrangements are completely random. “I work in a restaurant, and I can assure you that no one has the patience to separate customers. With the tables, you go in order “a viewer remarked

“Before I would simply eat and not notice,” Newman said when viewers accused her of overthinking the problem. “But racism is at an all-time high where you can’t help but see.”

According to KKAM, Newman also created a follow-up video in which she addressed the claim that she was “reaching.” People who have never been exposed to racism, she claims, have no right to condemn her.


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