In a viral video, an autistic student hits his teacher and makes racist remarks.


In a viral video, an autistic student hits his teacher and makes racist remarks.

At Castleberry High School in Fort Worth, Texas, a substitute teacher noticed a kid disrupting her class. The youngster slapped the teacher on the arm before calling her mother and making racially inflammatory remarks.

After the incident, the mother stated that there is more to this than meets the eye, revealing that her daughter is autistic and bipolar.

On Friday, a video of the incident was uploaded on Twitter, however it is unclear when the fight took place within the classroom. The footage shows the adolescent approaching the front of the class and interrupting a phone call that the replacement teacher was trying to make. According to the New York Post, the teacher was smacked on the arm when she attempted to get the girl’s hand away from the phone.

This happened at Castleberry High School in #FortWorth, and video shows a #student punching a #teacher and throwing a phone in her direction.

“Deal with me,” the enraged student demanded.

“You made an impression on me.” “I did not touch you,” the instructor claimed as she moved around the desk and down the hall to seek assistance.

The girl then took the phone from her desk and dialed her mother’s number. As the teacher approached her, she exclaimed, “You ain’t about to f**k me up, b*tch!”

“I need you to get over here right now,” the student stated over the phone, “because this teacher is about to get f**ked up if she doesn’t get the f**k away from me.” “Would you like to speak with her?” She said, “Because she’s black and she’s f**king pissing me off right now.”

By the end of the video clip, which has received thousands of views online, the enraged kid is seen throwing the phone and storming out of the classroom.

As a result of the chain of events, the district police launched an inquiry into the incident.

Officials from the school district also issued a statement, saying they were “very troubled” by the occurrence.

Brittany Evans, the student’s mother, told WFAA that her daughter is autistic, bipolar, and suffers from melancholy and nervous distress. Evans also stated that she had attended more than ten meetings with district officials in order to have her daughter placed in special education programs.

“I felt bad for the teacher,” Evans explained. She continued, “I was upset for her even being in that situation.”

In response to her racially inflammatory remarks. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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