In a viral video, a rare two-headed snake swallows mice at the same time.


In a viral video, a rare two-headed snake swallows mice at the same time.

A two-headed snake was captured on camera consuming mice with both of its jaws at the same time. The video, which was shared on Instagram by vlogger Brian Barczyk, has gone viral.

“Two-headed Ben and Jerry are chowing down. My snakes and animals are missing me, but we’ll be back soon. I’m having a great time on this voyage and have a lot more to tell you about!” reads the caption that accompanied the video.

The snake can be seen gulping down two white mice with both of its heads in the footage. The video is not for those who despise or are afraid of snakes.

The video was posted on July 21, and as of Monday morning, it had earned over 18,000 likes and thousands more views.

Many users were shocked by the video, and many wanted to learn more about the snakes with two heads.

One user wondered, “Do they have two digestive tracts or do they meet along the way and merge into one?” “Could someone perhaps explain how a two-headed snake came to be…?” said another person. Every kid in my nation grew up hearing stories about a fabled evil 7-headed serpent, but they were just that… But how does this mutation happen in the first place?”

It’s still unknown when and where the footage was shot. The snake’s species remained unknown as well.

Barczyk travels the world for animal adventures and films movies of numerous wild creatures in their natural habitat, according to his Instagram account.

Although two-headed snakes are uncommon, they have been seen in the wild before. A woman in Florida was taken aback when her pet cat brought home a two-headed snake last year. The snake was carried inside through the doggy door and laid on the carpet by the cat. “She is always bringing us gifts. My daughter sent me a message the other day. At the time, Kay Rogers told WFTS Tampa Bay, “Mom, she brought in a snake and it has two heads.” The reptile was subsequently placed in a plastic container, and experts were consulted.

“We went and put up a habitat for it,” says the narrator. She told the local station, “I was talking to a couple different reptile professionals and they were kind of assisting me through what to do with him, like getting him a heating pad and attempting to feed him.”


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