In a viral video, a boss appears to tell workers who are complaining about pay to ‘go back.’


In a viral video, a boss appears to tell workers who are complaining about pay to ‘go back.’

A group of workers confronts their boss about what looks to be a payroll issue in a video that has been viewed over 459,000 times.

“We only want our rights,” the poster @solah5817 writes in a translated version of the video’s title.

Though it is unclear where the video was shot, numerous users suggest contacting “MOM,” or the Ministry of Manpower, which is a branch of Singapore’s government in charge of labor and employment rules and standards.

In the video, the employer says, “I can’t say I pay or don’t pay.” “I’ll see what I can do to assist both you and myself.” “If you don’t like it, if you’re unhappy, then forget it and return to Malaysia.” According to, the group looks to be speaking in Malay.

One user adds, “U go mum and show this video to them.”

“Don’t fight if your discussion fails; just report to MOM for nonpayment of salary.”

According to Britannica, Singapore boasts one of the world’s largest ports and the most advanced economy in Southeast Asia. According to the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore is home to 7,000 international corporations.

Lower and middle-income workers can qualify for the COVID-19 Recovery Grant, according to Singapore’s Ministry of Social and Family Development. According to the website, the grant was offered to anyone who had been placed on “involuntary no-pay leave” or who had lost at least 50% of their monthly income due to the epidemic or a period of “heightened vigilance.”

Those who qualify could receive up to $700 per month for three months, according to the website.

As the manager walks away from the group at the end of the video, the workers appear to become increasingly upset.

As he begins walking away, he says, “You want to work, work, you don’t, nevermind.”

TikTok has evolved from a fun video app to a place for individuals to bring attention to challenges they are facing. As previously reported by The Washington Newsday, TikTok user Krista Webster released a video in July sharing an alleged tape of a “toxic” encounter with her manager at Starbucks. The conversation appears to be going on. This is a condensed version of the information.


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