In a viral post, the internet backed the woman who kicked her crying husband out of the delivery room.


In a viral post, the internet backed the woman who kicked her crying husband out of the delivery room.

A new mother claimed in a viral Reddit post that she booted her husband out of the delivery room after he started crying. This naturally resulted in a massive quarrel between the pair, but commentators instantly defended the woman. Many mothers, it turns out, do not want their boyfriends present during childbirth.

A new mother with the pseudonym u/HillsNVallys355 said she booted her husband Kevin out of the delivery room after he started crying on the popular Reddit site “Am I The A**hole.” More than 10,000 people have voted and nearly 2,000 people have commented on the post.

“Kevin is the type of person that gets stressed very easily and reacts negatively to events,” she began her story. We’ve discussed his capacity to cope with being in the birth room.

“I told him it was fine if he couldn’t come because I wanted to see how he behaves under pressure,” she continued. “He stated that he could handle anything and promised to be supportive and upbeat.”

Kevin, on the other hand, began to spiral as soon as he got at the hospital.

“When I started experiencing contractions, he grabbed my hand and clutched it tightly, virtually cutting off my blood supply. She explained, “My entire arm became numb.”

“I felt strained, and while being in excruciating pain, I saw his face. It was quite red, and there was a visible vein in his forehead that appeared to be about to burst.”

She stated that his reaction to their child’s approaching birth had begun to worry her out. Despite this, she was willing to persevere. That is, until he started crying.

She stated, “I found myself yelling at him multiple times, ordering him to stop, and as a result, he practically yelled back in my ear.” “It was the nurse who got involved. I told her to get him out of there as soon as possible. He attempted to reason with me but was not given the opportunity and was forced to leave the room.”

She claimed that as a result of the backlash, her husband refused to visit the delivery room after their daughter was born. They had an argument when she eventually brought their baby home.

“He said I shouldn’t expect him to stay after kicking him viciously and selfishly. This is a condensed version of the information.


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