In a viral post, a Redditor expresses concern over her sister’s children who ‘clearly aren’t hers.’


In a viral post, a Redditor expresses concern over her sister’s children who ‘clearly aren’t hers.’

On Wednesday, a Redditor immediately went popular after sharing their concern for their sister’s children, whom they said “obviously aren’t hers.”

The Redditor u/aitathrosister explained on Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole” section that their sister, who “has struggled with infertility problems for years” and is “very anti baby adoption,” recently welcomed two children into the world.

u/aitathrosister and other family members aren’t sure how the sister “acquired” her kids, according to the post, which has received over 14,000 votes and over 2,000 comments.

“She and her spouse married when they were sixteen years old and have been trying to have a child since they were eighteen. Doctors have told her that she will never be able to have a child “u/aitathrosister expressed their feelings regarding their sister.

The couple also attempted IVF, but it was unsuccessful.

“While they aren’t completely opposed to surrogacy, they aren’t fans of it and have indicated several times that they would never go down that path,” u/aitathrosister wrote.

However, the Redditor’s sister and brother-in-law announced the birth of their first daughter on Instagram 10 months ago.

“I guess we just assumed my sister had merely kept a pregnancy hidden or something,” u/aitathrosister explained.

“We weren’t aware you could lactate without having birth,” the Redditor continued.

Induced lactation is possible, according to the Mayo Clinic, but it requires “great dedication and planning.”

“If you have months to prepare, your health care practitioner may prescribe hormone therapy to imitate the symptoms of pregnancy, such as extra estrogen or progesterone,” the clinic noted on its website.

“You’ll probably cease hormone therapy and start pumping your breasts with a hospital-grade electric breast pump around two months before you anticipate to start nursing. Prolactin production and release are boosted as a result of this “The clinic went on.

Those who don’t have months to prepare may be administered various drugs to help induce lactation, according to the Mayo Clinic.

As their sister’s daughter began to “come into her features,” the Redditor saw that the baby was “quite plainly ethically something else.”

“Neither of her parents had the same facial features or skin tone,” u/aitathrosister stated.

The Redditor and his family let it slip, assuming their sister reversed her former opinion about adoption and likely adopted their daughter. That is, until their sister gave birth to a four-year-old son. This is a condensed version of the information.


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