In a Tesco line, a woman in ‘severe pain’ was blown away by a police officer.


In a Tesco line, a woman in ‘severe pain’ was blown away by a police officer.

A woman has expressed her gratitude to a local police officer after his ‘kind gesture’ relieved her of ‘awful suffering.’

Marie Hill, 36, from Wallasey in Wirral, had been suffering from a bad toothache for about a week and stated she was trying to manage the discomfort despite her GP prescribing antibiotics.

Marie hurried to her local Tesco at around 9 p.m. on Tuesday (November 23) evening after running out of Anadin, which she described as the “only medicine that has worked for her.”

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“I’ve been on a round of antibiotics for five days and it hasn’t done anything for me,” Marie told The Washington Newsday.

“The toothache has been excruciating, and I can feel it across my entire face.”

“Anadin has been the only thing that has helped me, so when I realized I had run out, I had to rush to Tesco.”

Marie attempted to pay for the pills after picking them up, but she realized she didn’t have her debit card or any cash with her after scanning the item through the self-service checkout at Tesco Express on Poulton Road.

Marie, who lives on Norwood Road, tried to use her watch to activate her Samsung Pay but said she was “useless with technology” and had no luck. She said she was “quite bewildered.”

“As I was at the self-serve till, I realized I had picked up my son’s card rather than my own, so I tried to bring my Samsung Pay up on my watch but couldn’t find it – I’m a dummy when it comes to electronics,” Marie explained.

Marie stated that two police officers stood behind her in line, whom she approached and asked for assistance in accessing the pay method on her watch.

“Since you’re obviously trustworthy, can you let me access my Samsung Pay?” Marie joked to one of them.

“One of them responded, ‘I have no idea, I’m on Apple,’ and the other tried to explain to me that I required my phone to connect and offered to pay – but I didn’t think I did, so I tried it anyway and it clearly didn’t work.”

“The summary comes to an end.”


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