In a street attack, a lorry driver’s ‘leg snapped.’


In a street attack, a lorry driver’s ‘leg snapped.’

After his leg was allegedly “snapped” during a street attack, a man was heard “screaming” in the street.

This afternoon, emergency personnel were dispatched to Woodend Avenue in Hunts Cross after reports of a man being assaulted.

Police verified that a “assault” occurred earlier today, but they were unable to provide any other information.

As a man looks to tumble into a flooded sinkhole, there is laughter.

Prior to the attack, the victim had gone to a nearby hairdresser for a haircut, according to The Washington Newsday.

“Yes, he had come in for a haircut,” the man explained.

“We didn’t see much at all. We didn’t realize it until the man yelled for help and we peeked out the window to see a woman summoning an ambulance.”

“Two boys jumped him,” said another witness. He was dragged out of the van and jumped. “They’ve snapped my leg,” he screamed, and he was screaming all over.”

According to the witness, the incident occurred at 1.50 p.m. today.

Earlier today, photos from the area showed police and an ambulance on Woodend Avenue.

The Washington Newsday is still asking police for further information about the incident.


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