In a speech following his landslide recall victory, Gavin Newsom warns that Trumpism is not dead.


In a speech following his landslide recall victory, Gavin Newsom warns that Trumpism is not dead.

On Tuesday, Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom celebrated his victory over a recall attempt while warning against the prevalence of “Trumpism” in the state.

Former President Donald Trump and the leading Republican replacement candidate Larry Elder made preemptive claims that the recall election would be tainted by voter fraud, which Newsom criticized. After returns showed the “no” vote leading by a comfortable double-digit margin, multiple news sites predicted the recall would be defeated within an hour of polls closing.

“I remember the prior president suggesting this election was rigged just a few days ago,” Newsom remarked. “Democracy isn’t a sport. It’s not something you toss around. It looks more like, oh, an antique vase. You can crush it into a million different bits if you drop it. And if we don’t rise to meet the moment and push back, that’s exactly what we’ll be capable of.”

“I said it many times during the campaign: we may have defeated Trump, but Trumpism is alive and well in this country,” he concluded. “The huge deception, the January 6 insurgency, all the voter suppression attempts taking place around the country… the assault on women’s and girls’ fundamental rights, constitutionally guaranteed rights. It’s a watershed moment in our country’s history.”

Both Trump and Elder suggested in the days leading up to the election that anything other than a Republican victory would indicate significant voter fraud in California, a heavily Democratic state which the former president lost by nearly 30 points to President Joe Biden in 2020.

Elder, a supporter of Trump’s false claims that voter fraud influenced the 2020 election results, refused to say whether he would accept the recall election results before they were counted, even though his campaign had assembled a legal team ready to challenge the results and had already posted allegations of voter fraud online.

During the campaign, Newsom and his backers often invoked Trump, claiming that the recall was a thinly veiled attempt to impose Trump’s policies on a state where no Republican candidate had won statewide office since 2006. The election would have permitted a substitute candidate to become governor despite receiving only a minority of votes.

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