In a Merseyrail train face mask row, a pensioner was urged to ‘shut the f*** up.’


In a Merseyrail train face mask row, a pensioner was urged to ‘shut the f*** up.’

After questioning a woman about why she just put on a face mask at the end of her train journey, a pensioner claims she was verbally abused.

On Saturday evening, Martine Power and her husband took the train from Hillside to Southport (June 5).

“We went into Southport for a lunch,” she told the ECHO.

“We’d been on the train a few times previously and, with the exception of a few people, almost everyone had been wearing a mask, so we weren’t worried about taking it.”

“Unfortunately, things seems to have altered considerably in the previous several weeks.

“Only three of the nine persons in our vicinity wore masks, and two of them were us.”

“It was pointless to ask everyone to wear masks because we were completely outmanned.”

Ms Power claims she witnessed individuals putting on masks as the train approached Southport.

“I questioned the lady on the opposite side of the aisle why she was doing this, and she said it was to get through the station,” she said.

“My response was that, even if we were all vaccinated, shouldn’t we be wearing masks to protect both others and ourselves?” However, she and the man accompanying her were uninterested.

“They told us that if we didn’t like it, we should have sat somewhere else and to ‘shut the f*** up!’” in the few seconds it took to exit the train and reach the barrier.

Ms. Power claims she then inquired about wearing a mask with station personnel.

“We were told that train workers have no ability to insist on masks being worn,” she continued.

“There are by-laws to prevent one from putting feet on seats, drinking alcohol, smoking etc., none of which are going to kill us, but there appears to be nothing to protect us from the pandemic or from aggression if we complain about a lack of consideration from non compliers.

“We’ve actually seen masked police officers ordering people to take their feet off their seats while ignoring them.” The summary comes to a close.


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