Imperial citizens blackmailed officials


A citizen of the Reich is accused of blackmailing public officials with horrendous sums. His ex-partner, who was also charged with extortion, has disappeared.

The letters that Klaus L. and Irina M. had sent according to the prosecution were very tough. Sometimes they demanded utopian 10 million US dollars, sometimes 50 million and in one case even 511 billion US dollars. With the so-called Malta scam they are said to have repeatedly tyrannised authorities as alleged citizens of the Reich. In Berlin, the Senate Department of Justice was affected among others.

Klaus L. has been before the local court since Wednesday. And he blamed it on his ex in particular. “I only signed at the beginning,” the 54-year-old explained. He did not care at all about the content of the letters. “That was probably my mistake.

His partner at that time had concocted everything. “I couldn’t get my way with her and was afraid that she would end the relationship.” Irina M. was supposed to be in the dock. But at the moment it is not clear where the 59-year-old girl is, they said.

Between 2016 and 2017, the Malta scam used

The former couple had their first appointment four months ago at the district court Tiergarten. The alleged Reich citizens, however, were missing without excuse. An arrest warrant was issued against Klaus L.. At the beginning of June, the professional driver was arrested near Bonn. At that time he admitted: “The letters are from me”.

Citizens of the Reich do not recognize the Federal Republic as a state. Supporters of the scene classified as extreme right-wing are said to have acted with the Malta scam to intimidate disagreeable employees of authorities and not to pay taxes, penalties or fees. L. and his ex-partner are said to have played the trick from the beginning of 2016 to November 2017. Because they did not want to pay ancillary costs for their apartment or a motor vehicle tax.

Charges of blackmail and attempted coercion

Because a foundation founded by them was not recognised as having legal capacity, they are said to have sent the Senators of Justice – Thomas Heilmann (CDU), followed by Dirk Behrendt (Greens) – a brazen “bill” and threatened to hold them personally liable. Two million US dollars “within 72 hours and two days”. In the event of non-fulfilment, they were threatened with obtaining an entry in a foreign debtor register in order to be able to enforce a Maltese order for payment.

L. has to answer for seven cases. Money never flowed. The charge is extortion and attempted coercion. There were similar proceedings against L. already in Prenzlau, in Brandenburg/Havel, in Bochum. First there were fines, last one year imprisonment on probation. The trial in Berlin will continue on 29 July.


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